WATERING: Once you have laid your new lawn and rolled it with a heavy lawn roller, you need to give it a really thorough soaking. The turf must be thoroughly wet on the under side. A Sprinkler will give much better results than hand hosing. Turf must be kept damp at all times for the first 2-3 weeks. Avoid walking on your newly laid turf for the first 3-4 days.


MOWING: You should mow your new lawn within the first 2-3 weeks with the mower on a high setting. Then every week there after, lowering the mower one set-ting at a time until the desired length is reached (never remove more that one third of the leaf per mow).
FERTILIZING: You can fertilize your new lawn in approximately 6 weeks after laying, using a complete lawn fertilizer. It is best to fertilize, late afternoon and water in immediately.